Poem and a Picture

Hey guys,

So I know it’s been a while, but for any of you who still check this from time to time, I have a poem for you! 

It’s called “The Downpour”

Time spins back around

and my winter home

becomes a summer nightmare.


The only solace there

is when the clouds 

embrace us as they only know how.


But I have never known 

any joy greater

than walking in

the downpour.


and also this picture!



I met this goat at Builtmore along with many other sweet goats (including kids!)

Alright, well as always thanks for reading and I hope you’re all well 🙂

– Elena


3 Days Later (Or Something Like That)


So guess what? I have another poem for you! Also, probably pretty soon (like later today or tomorrow, or probably this week) I’ll post a little album of my photography from this year, it’ll be about 30 of my best pictures. Alright, here’s the poem:

It’s called “Tides”

I am conquering listlessness,
and I am conquering obsession.

I’m stringing hours away on
like beads that slide
down a necklace
smooth and clinking when they drop.

And I’m drifting away
into unspoken conversations.
Like a wishful wave
leading in the rising tide-
I’m still talking about the same things.

It’s different now,
and it was different then.
I’ll still be tart and sallow
and there’s nothing you can do.

Semipermanent laws
are drawn in the sand:
I wrote them in my sleep.

Someday I’ll lead in the tide
that washes them away.

Thanks for reading!

Look at Her Go, Posting, Posting, Posting a Poem for You


So I’ve been watching Daily Grace on YouTube. A lot. I’ve started to mentally narrate the various things I do with the little theme song she has for her videos. They go something like the title, but with a different verb and subject. It’s actually a really fun way to not become totally miserable and depressed during a 4 hour shift at my job. Also, it lets you feel proud of yourself for doing very simple, menial tasks. Like posting the poem you promised to post several months ago. An here one is! I hesitate to call it complete, but really I probably should. It’s more difficult to put stuff out there now, because I no longer have the “well I wrote it in a day” excuse to hide behind. I’d say that’s probably the reason for all this delay. But enough of that, here is the first poem officially not part of the 365 project!

It’s called “Everything I Pick Up”

Everything I pick up
ends up on the floor.
It’s in my hands,
and then it moves on.

And my shirt smells like you,
and I don’t know
who’s carrying who.

But it doesn’t matter anyway,
I am still the girl
locked up in a cluttered room
taking pictures of the moon.

And you are still a mouse,
little but brave and proud
running around your giant house.

Sometimes I feel older than you,
and sometimes I feel smaller.

Everything I pick up
is tumbling down
and like a shadow
I’ll fall with them, too.
With them and with you.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Also (and I’m mainly just telling you this so I can later hold myself accountable knowing you’re waiting for me to do the things I’m about to promise to do) I plan to make this blog a little tidier in the near (well… maybe semi distant) future. Hopefully when the book is out in the world, I’ll get a little more traffic on this blog, and I want it to look nice when that happens. So look out for new pages and stuff! Also, I don’t know when I’ll have the next poem, currently I don’t have anything written that I think has the potential to be put on this blog, I’m just waiting for inspiration to hit, so….. yeah. Not sure when that’ll be, but there will be more poetry! Ok, that’s all 🙂



It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten about the project. The book is well underway, and looks to be finished hopefully before the end of the calendar year. I also didn’t forget that I promised you new and edited poems; I have written a few, and so when I’ve got them a little more polished I’ll be posting them here. Not sure when that’ll be, but hopefully soon!

Well, I believe that’s all for the moment, so

thanks for reading!

Forgot to Mention Some Majorly Important Stuff In the Last Post

THANK YOU FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! I really appreciate everyone who’s been with me, reading the poems, through out this year. I could not have done this without knowing I had people out there holding me accountable to this commitment, and knowing that people out there were actually going to read this stuff 😛 Thank you everyone who’s commented or emailed me comments on the poems, seriously, I really appreciated that. I loved knowing that you were reading and thinking about my poetry enough to respond it 🙂 So, yeah, thank you guys so much for doing this with me, I really enjoyed doing this project with all of you. Also, I intend to publish on this blog the Thank You section of the book when I’ve got that written, because there’s a somewhat long list of people I would like to thank individually for their support in this project, but I don’t just want that in the book, I want it here, too, so I’ll post that very soon. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

The End


So, yeah, this is it. I’m not sure it’ll really feel over to me until the book is finished, but it’s starting to set in. This project sort of embedded its self into my life. It wasn’t hard most of the time. I got good at just picking something on my mind, or something from my day, and writing about it. And there was a kind of mental load taken off by that, which I think is something art should do for an artist. It’s exciting to me to know that I have this year captured in this little blog, and soon in my little book. Time and who a person is on any given day are things difficult to seize and preserve, so, to think that in ten, twenty, fifty years from now I can look at my freshman year of high school in this abundant and minute detail is amazing to me. The beauty of this project is that while a huge benefit of it will be getting re-discover who I was this past year, the point of project was not that, it was to become a better poet. And I’m glad I don’t recall everything; I’m glad I don’t remember every time I’ve walked into a Kroger. And I’m glad I don’t remember every time my stomach has growled audibly in a quiet classroom. Everyday life is a beautiful, magical thing, because every day life is time. It’s time being spun together with the earth and with us, and ultimately that always amazing. I’ve got this year trapped a jar, and I’m glad I do, but I’m ready to begin preserving time and myself in different ways.
As for the poetry itself, I’m feeling like a significantly better poet. 365 poems under my belt, and I feel I have some experience now. But I can certainly get better, and one part of poetry I think I over looked this year was editing, revising, and the sleeping-on-it strategy. These poems were often written in 30 minutes or less, and I would usually only read over them 3-4 times before posting them. But as I’m sure many of you noticed, those 3-4 times often did not save me from typos, word misuse, or other errors. So that’s my new goal for my poetry from here forward. I want to start revising my poetry after spending a day or two away from it, so I can look at it with fresh eyes. And I obviously need to spend more time with the editing. I think this project has given me the skill to always have some sort of inspiration, and it’s given me a feel for what my poetic voice is, but I can always keep getting better. I do plan to post these revised, edited, and slept on poems on this blog when they come around. I’m not going to write regularly, only when I really feel inspired by something, or just have the desire to (it’s begun to feel like a comfort food, writing poetry).
The ending of this year is really sad for me, too. Not just the project, but the passing of this year. I think it’s because a part of me is acutely aware of my mortality (and the project only highlights this passing of time). I get really caught up in the recent past sometimes. Even as I write this post, I find myself remember moments from this year and wishing I could be back in my head and skin for those moments to see what it was like. Sitting down every night and trying to write something that feels important and relevant to you and your life makes you more aware of your own life, I think. I noticed when I felt good at the end of the day, and when I felt bad, and by writing a poem I usually found the main source that emotion and then got to reflect on it and whatever. (Sorry, I just have to have “whatever” in the post at least once, because I’m fifteen). And eventually writing poetry just became how I dealt with stuff. Like, if something crappy happened to me one day, I would usually just a write a poem and then I would be over it. So that was pretty cool.
So, I feel like I should have a conclusion paragraph now beginning with “So, ultimately I feel the main thing I got from this project was… ” and then select one of the major things I mentioned above, but really, the combination of those three things is what made this project meaningful. Getting to capture a year of my life this way, getting to improve my skill as a poet, and developing a way to reflect on daily life (daily) are all really important to me, at the end of the day. I don’t plan on doing anymore 365 projects; that being said, if anyone reading this is considering a project I highly suggest you do. If you create your project in such a way that it works with your lifestyle and you can keep up with it, then undoubtedly you’ll learn a lot of invaluable stuff from it.
Ok, onto just some general sort of stuff:
Books: If you want a book and haven’t already told me so, please tell me. I’m not sure of this, but I may be able to give it to you for free – MAYBE. If not, the estimated price is between $11 and $15. I’ve been working on it a lot lately, and it’s coming along, so I’m pretty excited about that 🙂
Future Poems: DON’T LEAVE ME! I will still be posting stuff on this blog, even though the project is over. So, if you want to keep up with that (because it will be irregular) please subscribe 🙂 Also, guess what? I’ve written 3 poems since the project’s been over, and I like 2 of them (with more revising/editing), so I’m not even lying about this.

Okay, I will be back hopefully soon with more news on the book and possibly a poem.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Day 365 … !!!!!!!!!


So… kind of resisting the urge to just write “WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” and be done at the moment. I will have a final thoughts post up in a week or so (subscribing would allow one to know exactly when I post it **wink**wink**), and I also promise to get back to the comments in my inbox – the wifi here at the beach is kind of flaky and I’m just not on my computer much 😛
But, anyway:

Today’s poem is called “Liquid”

Unravel and rebel,
you unravel and rebel.
We are so unraveled.
You run through the streets
leaving tangles of yarn and thread
everywhere you go.
And you try to fix it,
you tell me you’ve fixed it
but I don’t believe you.
And it’s here,
every second it beats on the door:
It’s water from the sky
It’s water from the ground
It’s pouring in from the sea.
It will surround you
and everything you have.
We could open the door,
And we could become liquid.
We could even become the sea, so
Just be an ocean with me.

Ok… well, I guess I’ll say all the stuff I’m tempted to say now in the final thoughts posts, aside from:

Thanks for reading!

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